Execution of public contracts: the Road Fund builds the capacities of its staff.

The staff of the Road Fund took part from 28 to 29 December 2021 in a training seminar held by ARMP experts on the main features of public contracts execution.

The seminar, held in a hotel in Ebolowa and led by ARMP experts, was an opportunity for staff members of the Road Fund to perfect their knowledge in the execution of public contracts, and better understand the subtleties and main features of public procurement, with a view to improving the level of contracts processing in the Road Fund.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the seminar, the Road Fund Administrator, Mr. ESSAIE MOUSSA Aubin, underscored the importance of the seminar to his structure. Indeed, as a project owner, the Road Fund has awarded 11 contracts in 2021 for a total amount of about CFA 950,000,000 in commitment authorization.

Structured around the central theme: “monitoring the execution of projects within the framework of public contracts in Cameroon”, this seminar made it possible to tackle the following modules (i) operational monitoring of project execution; (ii) documents generated during the execution phase; (iii) guarantees in public procurement; (iv) changes management in economic conditions, and finally (v) subcontracting and co-contracting.

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