Tasks of authorising officers

Each authorising officer shall be responsible, within the framework of his sector of activity and in accordance with the provisions of Articles 13 and 18 of this Decree, in particular:

  • The study and preparation of annual and multiannual programmes of works and services benefiting from the financial assistance of the Fund;
  • The financial evaluation of the programmes with a view to the inclusion in the budget of the corresponding expenditures;
  • Procurement, in accordance with the regulations in force;
  • Monitoring of the execution and acceptance of works and services;
  • The scheduling of expenses.
Axe Garoua Ngaoundéré

It intervenes in the context of urban road maintenance work in cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants and those housing provincial capitals, including expenses relating to studies and controls of said works.

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Immeuble Ministère de l'Habitat et du Développement Urbain

Building Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

Logements sociaux Yaoundé
Logements sociaux Douala


Immeuble du Ministère des Transports du Cameroun

It intervenes in the context of prevention and road safety campaigns.

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It intervenes in the context of the maintenance work of the classified interurban heritage; equipment and maintenance of priority rural roads; expenses for the routine maintenance of fixed and mobile installations necessary for the protection of the public road domain; the studies and control of the works of its competence.

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Maquette de l'immeuble siège du Ministère des Travaux Publics du Cameroun

Ministry of Public Works

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