Success needs strong partnerships, the Road Fund is a leading player in the road sub-sector. As such, he maintains close and multifaceted relationships with other players in the sector and even beyond.

These actors, who are therefore the partners of the Road Fund, are recruited from the public sector (administrations), donors, its own counterparts, road users, construction and public works companies, banking institutions.

In the public sector, the Road Fund works with its supervision and a set of administrations, the authorising officers, the National Road Council (CONAROUTE), the PSRR. As for donors, they are all members of international cooperation and development partners such as the World Bank, the International Development Association and the European Union. Finally, in the register of counterparts, there is the Association of Road Funds of Africa and the Road Fund of Benin. Each of these partners has so far carried out actions in favour of the Road Fund.

Our Partners

The world bank
Union Européenne
International Development Association

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