The Road Fund works for a better union action!

Photo de famille de la formation des délégués du personnel

Gathered in Mbalmayo on 21st December 2021, the Road Fund staff took part in a training workshop dedicated to the functions of staff representatives.

 “The staff representative in a public institution: case of the Road Fund” was the central theme which gathered all the staff of the Road Fund, as well as expert trainers in a hotel in Mbalmayo.

This theme was broken down into three modules, namely (i) the overview on the notion of staff delegate; (ii) the missions of a staff representative and finally (iii) the exercise of the functions of the staff representative. It enabled participants not only to enrich their knowledge of collective union matters in order to maintain dialogue between the employer and the employee, but also and above all to maintain a harmonious social atmosphere, which is a prerequisite for achieving the Fund’s performance objectives.

As a reminder, on 27 October 2021, the Road Fund carried out a voting process for the election of its staff representatives, in accordance with the requirements of the Minister of Labour and Social Security. At the end of this election in which all the staff took part, two full delegates and two substitutes were elected.

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