Bulldozing Work Underway on Rural Section of Yaounde-Nsimalen Motorway

Bulldozing work is underway on the 10.8-km rural section of the Yaounde-Nsimalen double carriage road which comprises a state-of-the-art road to link Carrefour Ahala, passing through Carrefour Meyo to the Nsimalen roundabout. Target is to ensure a smooth circulation of goods and persons to and from the Nsimalen international airport. The Chinese firm, China Communications Construction Company Ltd, which got a service order on May 2, 2014 has already set base at Ntoutouli, Mefou and Afamba Division and its machines are currently clearing the forest and bulldozing the path. Preparatory work has been done on over three km.

Members of an inter-ministerial steering committee charged with overseeing the project under the chairmanship of the Minister of Urban Development and Housing, Jean-Claude Mbwentchou, visited the path way yesterday August 28 to evaluate work done. They equally held a working session to present the activity report of the China Communications Construction Company Ltd so as to jointly propose ways of speeding the pace of work for the company to deliver in 36 months as planned. This was within the framework of the committee’s third session which held for the first time at the company’s base.

It emerged from the presentations that almost all material for the clearing and bulldozing work is already on site, most offices and lodging facilities already constructed and topographic work already done. “We are very satisfied now because the planning is going on as previewed. There are two sections. The rural section which runs from Nsimalen roundabout through Meyo to Ahala comprising 10.8 km. The second is urban from Ahala to SDO’s roundabout Tsinga passing through Messe des officiers, Poste Central, the Prime Minister’s roundabout, Wada and simplified flyover. But we will remove this flyover to make it a better flyover roundabout,” the Minister said.

While waiting for June 2, 2017 to have the rural section done, the Minister said studies are being finalized on the urban section which will be handled in three phases by three different companies. SINOHYDRO Corporation is to construct the 5.8 km phase one of the urban section to run from Ahala-Nsam-Carrefour Trois Statues-Olezoa and China Road and Bridge Corporation is to take care of the 1.9 km stretch from Carrefour Trois Statues-Oilybia Olezoa-Mess des Officiers-Poste Centrale. Meanwhile, phase three, comprising 2.1 km from Carrefour Warda-Nouvelle route Bastos-Sous prefecture Tsinga, will be handled by Arab Contractors Cameroon Ltd.

Officials of the project said the decree for compensating those to be affected by the project has been signed for Mefou and Afamba, that for Mefou and Akono is still being awaited and that for Mfoundi is under preparation. — Source : Cameroon Tribune

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