Road Fund 2017 Annual Report

The Road Fund continued to accomplish its missions despite the particularly difficult economic and security situation. Thus, as at 31 December 2017, the contracts committed reached a satisfactory level of 95% for some authorizing officers as against 65% recorded in 2016. This level of commitment is however in contrast with the low execution rate of committed contracts.

In view of improving the performance of road maintenance, some approaches have been implemented, amongst which is structural maintenance and these new approaches already display visible results on some of our major roads They will be supplemented in the coming years by another, notably the management of road maintenance per service level.

Concerning the payment of contractors for services rendered, the Ministry of Finance signed an agreement with the Bank of Central African States (BEAC). This measure aims at consolidating governance and security in the management of the Road Fund’s payment operations

On a different note, the year 2017 was marked by the publishing of important instruments by public authorities, pertaining to the reorganization of our road and highway network. It notably concerns the new road classification, the numbering and inventory of national and regional roads, which recognized mayors and presidents of regional councils as having the status of contracting authority. 

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