National Road No 3 : maintenance works for better road traffic

For this project to move smoothly, it was divided into three different parts, section one (1) covers Yaounde-Ndoupé bridge, section two (2) covers from Ndoupé bridge-Dibambe bridge and section three (3) covers Bekoko-Limbe-Idenau, to curb traffic and consolidate security.

According to the contract signed, the first section of this project was awarded to Groupement SOGEA SATOM/ROUTD’AF Company to carry on comfortably maintenance works on the road from Yaounde to Ndoupé Bridge, length (106 km) and the technical study was done by MINTP, while a contract to carry on control was awarded to BET EGIS Cameroon.

In fact, the second section of this project, Ndoupé bridge-Dibambe bridge work has not yet started, but the contract has been awarded to a public works company to cover a total length of 120km, which will start shortly. The contract for the third section Bekoko-Limbe-Idenau was awarded to a Groupement SOGEA SATOM/ROUTD’AF Company, and BET EGIS Cameroon is to carry on control on the site, length 92km for this area degraded portion was spotted on PK0+00 to PK50. — Source : MINTP

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