Road Fund: Kick-off for the 2022 budget!

From 2 to 4 February 2022, the Road Fund launched its operating budget for the year 2022

Gathered in Ebolowa around their Administrator, Aubin ESSAIE MOUSSA, the staff of the Road Fund proceeded to the launching of the operating budget for the 2022 financial year, during a workshop. The general objective of the workshop was to develop a consolidated action plan that takes into account the requirements of the public expenditure execution process.

At the end of the workshop, participants were specifically able: (i ) to identify the managers of programmes, actions and activities; (ii) to elaborate a detailed micro-planning of activities according to the orientations of the strategic development plan 2020-2022 and to put them in coherence; (iii) to drill the stakeholders on the practical indications of budgetary requirements in accordance with the CIREX, for the 2022 fiscal year applicable to the Road Fund; (iv) to update and favour the appropriation of the procurement plan.

Apart from the Road Fund’s staff, this workshop witnessed the attendance of some officials from the Directorate General of the Budget and the Directorate General of Taxation of the Ministry of Finance.

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