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Financing road maintenance and safety-related programmes.

The Road Fund ensures the financing of programmes pertaining to the protection of the national road heritage, road safety, road network maintenance, on the one hand, and road rehabilitation and upgrading operations, on the other hand.

The Road Fund carries out its missions through two separate and independent windows, namely:

The ‘‘Maintenance’’ window; and

The ‘‘ Investment’’ window.

As a public administrative establishment with special status given its management organs, staff salaries and benefits as well as rules for keeping its accounts, the Road Fund is endowed with legal personality and enjoys managerial autonomy.

Thus, it is placed under the dual supervisory authority of the Ministers in charge of Finance and Roads. Moreover, the Road Fund’s role remains compliant with its two windows.

As such, the ‘‘Maintenance’’ window is exclusively aimed at ensuring the financing and payment of contract services relating to three aspects in line with safety. It notably entails: the routine and periodic maintenance of the priority urban, classified inter-urban and rural road network; road safety; protection of the national road heritage.

On its part, the ‘‘Investment’’ window is aimed at exclusively ensuring the financing and payment of contract services relating to road upgrading and rehabilitation.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]